Karinthië is een natuurlijk attractiepark voor alle leeftijden.

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Carinthia in summer

Lots of sunshine and often temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius. Due to the southern location higher up the humidity is low. In summer it feels very pleasant, especially if you are going to exercise or take a trip.
When the sun goes down in the evening the temperature goes down as well, so that you have a pleasant sleep also in summer.
Every new day again you can enjoy the Alps well-rested, and find new adventures, wellness and culture.

Carinthia in the offseason

in September zijn er veel zonnige dagen met een aangename warme temperatuur. Er is weinig neerslag. Ideaal om uitstapjes te maken of om u zelf nog even in de verrassende warme zon te koesteren. In oktober is de natuur vol prachtige herfstkleuren terwijl op de toppen van de bergen de witte sneeuw valt.
Op de dag tourtochten maken of lekker bewegen en ‘s avonds genieten van stevige boerse Oostenrijkse gerechten. In November vindt de korte overgang naar de winter plaats. In December valt er regelmatig sneeuw afgewisseld met zonnige dagen.

Carinthia in the off season

In September there are many sunny days with a pleasantly warm temperature. There is not much precipitation, so it is ideal for outings or to just enjoy the surprisingly warm sunshine for a bit longer. In October the nature is full of beautiful autumn colours, while the peaks of the mountains are slowly turning white.
Enjoy long trips or hikes or other active things during the day and later in the evening hearty Austrian farm dishes. In November the short transition to the Winter takes place. In December snow will fall regularly, alternated with sunny days.

Carinthia in winter

A blue sky, snow and lots of sunshine.
Because of the clear sky the temperature will drop at night, sometimes to -20 degrees Celsius, while during the day it can rise, when measured in the sunshine, up to +20 degrees Celsius.
Also, 0 degrees Celsius is reached early in winter because of the clear sky. It will stay very cold at night far into the season, so that the snow cannons can be used for a long period. Only very late in winter the temperature will stay above 0 degrees Celsius at night.
During the winter there often is snowfall early as well as late in the season. There is a long and sunny skiing season in Carinthia.

Carinthia in preseason

After a quick transition, in which all the snow will disappear due to the strong sunshine, and sometimes comes down in short but heavy rain showers, you will find many surprisingly warm and sunny days already in April and May.
On the same day you can ski on the glacier and then in the evening have a barbeque outside in shorts and t-shirt. The next day you can have a day on the beach in Italy. As if you have made a world trip in one holiday. This makes Carinthia so special in the pre-season!

Quickly and easily find fun activities, wellness and facilities on

Below you will find some examples of fun and surprising activities in Carinthia.

And… every week in summer there will be a typical Austrian festival in one of the surrounding villages.

ActivitiesLinks (click for more information)
icon-activiteit-avontuurEn...elke week in de zomer is er in een van de dorpen een Oostenrijks feest!
icon-activiteit-wandelenVillacher Alpengarten
Ragga Schlucht
Geotrail Nassfeld
Lienzer Schlossberg
icon-activiteit-watersportVan Bled
Kärntner Erlebnispark
Strandbad Hermagor
Itherme Villach
Strandbad Hermagore
Waldbad Mauthen
Waterpark Jesolo
Strandbad Weissensee
Strandbad Osssiachersee
Kärntner Erlebisnpark

Every year there are the recurring yearly events

Every week another festival

In Carinthia events and festivals are organized in all seasons: Krampus processions, Christmas markets, New Year firework shows, Cheese festivals, wine festivals, bee festivals, and much more.
In summer there is some sort of festival in one of the villages every week.
In winter competitions and celebrations are organized on the many ski slopes.

Fast and beautiful cars
For those who love fast and beautiful cars there is the GTI rendezvous.
The impressive, international sports car festival.

Sports enthusiasts
Sports enthusiasts will really enjoy the Kärnten Golf Open.
The Ironman Wörthersee/Triathlon.
The alternative Elfstedentocht on the Weissensee

Music lovers
Music and creativity can be found on this eccentric World Bodypainting Festival.
Experience the cosy street festival of Blanche, where white is the dress code for everybody. At the Wörthersee.

Motorcyclists can meet each other and admire the many motorcycles during the Harley Davidson Treffen at the Faakersee.

Market and fair
For several days you can enjoy the big fair, the many market stalls and various performances, during the Villacher Kirchtag. Austrians join the celebrations and can themselves be admired in their traditional dress.
Enjoying delicious food and nice drinks as much as you want on the fair and Wiesenmarkt of St. Veit.

And much more
Find the event calendars with much more information on this holiday for Carinthia.

Kärnten Card (Carinthia Card)

The Kärnten Card is already a well-known concept for many holiday guests.
The card is available at more than 140 sales outlets throughout Carinthia.
With the Kärnten Card you can visit over 100 sights and attractions, for young and old, for free and as often as you want. With the card you will get a discount at the bonus partners.
In the special information booklet there is a description of all the free attractions and in the back the bonus partners are listed.
In general you will have the costs of the card back with only 3 attractions. You can buy the Kärnten Card for 1, 2 or 5 weeks.
For many holiday guests the card is a popular way to save on the holiday budget.
For more information, visit

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