About KWO

Who are we?

KWO – Koopwoningen Oostenrijk – is a Dutch project developer. In the last 10 years KWO has built up a broad experience.

  • KWO has built over 70 KWO-villas.
  • KWO has proven itself as a reliable partner for the owners of KWO-villas.
  • KWO is supported by good business contacts and has an extensive network in the area around the KWO-villas.
  • KWO is modern and up-to-date.
  • KWO is modern en up-to-date.
  • KWO is focused on the international market..
  • The KWO-system is attuned to a globalising future.

The unique concept of KWO consists of:
The product, the KWO-villa
the guiding system, the KWO-system

The product, the KWO-villa

The KWO-villa is a villa of affordable luxury for the owner of the villa and for the renters.
The KWO-villa is specifically designed to conform to the optimal wishes one can have for a holiday home.

The KWO-villa comes in two types:

  • The semi-detached KWO-villa, from 70m2, for 1 to 8 persons.
  • The detached KWO-villa double, from 120m2, for 1 to 14 persons.

All KWO-villas…

  • Are located close to activities, wellness and culture
  • Are located in an all-season holiday area
  • Are easy to reach by rails, through the air or on the road
  • Are optimally oriented on the sun
  • Have a view on the beautiful mountains
  • Have a spacious garden
  • With a outside terrace and garden furniture
  • A balcony
  • Many windows
  • A living room with patio doors
  • Luxurious kitchen
  • A sitting and dining area
  • Luxurious bathroom(s)
  • Luxurious beds
  • Television
  • A carport
  • Storage space
The KWO-villa owners rent out their KWO-villa and have furnished it to their own liking and chosen for different extras, such as: extra bedroom(s), extra living room, extra shower/bath, fireplace, hot tub, sauna, barbeque, Internet, TV. channels, etc.

The support system KWO-system

KWO has a support system for the KWO-villa owner, the KWO-system.
This support system consists of 4 elements:
Acquisition, construction, service, rentals
The support system aims to support and un-worry during the process of buying, building, maintaining and renting out the KWO-villa.
KWO has her own booking system for renting out the KWO-villas.

  • Every element of the KWO-system has its own website with various tools, which the KWO-villa owners can use exclusively.
  • Every element of the KWO-system has its own teams of qualified specialists.

Would you?

like to own your own KWO-villa?

  • Free holidays: go on holiday without booking?
  • Earn money with your own KWO-holiday villa?
  • Pass on your assets to your children favourably?
  • Live in an ideal holiday location?

Then visit KoopwoningenOostenrijk.nl.
Here you will find our projects and prices
all information on the KWO-villa and the free tools of the KWO-system.

Would you?

like to rent a KWO-villa?
Then visit the Book a KWO-villa page.

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